Create your own smartphone holder with spare binder clips

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Your spare binder clips can help you create a smartphone stand which can also support charging cord at the bottom. You might have seen many DIY (Do-It-Yourself) smartphone stands but most does not support charging cable from the bottom. I have tried to make many but at last came up with my own version.

You need 1 large clip, 5 medium size clips and 2 small clips.

Here is a guide to that:

Step 1: Press and open 1 large binder clip and put 2 medium sized binder clips into it side-by-side. It will look like shown below:

The right side part will be the front one.

Step 2: Put one medium size clip on top of the large Binder clip by opening large binder clip handle to support the smartphone. This is a little tricky but you will get the idea by looking at the picture closely.

You can remove one handle of the medium size handle as it will not be needed and its optional. (You can remove the handle of a binder clip be pressing the handle from the sides when it is fully open)

Step 3: Put 2 small binder clips on the front side of upper hands. After putting remove its handles. It will look like this:

Step 4: Now it is almost ready for use. But, the bottom part of the back side is a little bit risky. A small movement can turn down the stand. So to make it more stable, Attach 2 medium size clips from the side as shown in the figure:

Step 5: This is the most important step. Look at your handmade smart phone holder and put your phone on the stand to enjoy!