Fix Chrome Reloading/Discarding Tabs

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

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You might have seen Chrome reloading tabs when you visit a tab which was in background. This is not a bug, actually. This is Chrome’s new memory management system.

This will guide you to fix your problem if your question is like:

  • Chrome refreshes tabs automatically
  • Tabs are loaded only if selected
  • Chrome background tabs are not loading
  • Chrome refreshes every tab when visited etc.

Why it happens?

Chrome has introduced a new memory management system for managing its high memory usage. It automatically discards your least interesting tabs when your system run out of memory. Visually you wont find anything when one of your tabs gets discarded. But, when you visit that tab again it will reload that page to get you back. This announcement is here on G---.  If you are on slow broadband connection or you have typed in something on that page and refreshing it losses that data, that is frustrating sometimes.

You can check the stats of discarding tabs at chrome://discards/

How to disable Automatic Tab Discarding?

Visit chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding and select Disabled from the dropdown. And relaunch the Chrome.

Chrome Automatic Tab Discarding

That’s it! Now, Chrome will not automatically discard your tabs.