Get things done faster with Chrome Shortcuts

Here are some most useful shortcuts for chrome to get things done faster.

Tab Switching

Ctrl + 1  through Ctrl + 8  –  Go to First Tab, second tab and so on. Ctrl + 9 for last tab.

Ctrl + Tab  –  Switch to the next tab.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab  –  Go to previous tab. (Previous here means tab to the left of the current tab)

Open-Close Tabs

Ctrl + T  –  Opens a new tab in the current window.

Ctrl + Shift + T  –  Opens recently closed tab. Chrome can remember up-to 10 closed tabs.

Ctrl + W  –  Closes the current tab.

Ctrl + Click  –  Opens link in a new tab in background.

Ctrl + Shift + Click  –  Opens link in a new tab and switch to it.

Shift + Click  –  Opens link in a new window.


Ctrl + D  –  Bookmark the current tab.

Ctrl + Shift + D  –  Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a new folder.


Alt  –  Go back in the history (Same as back button).

Alt  –  Go foward in the history.

Function Keys

F1  –  Opens Chrome Help online.

F3 or Ctrl + F  –  Find in current page.

F5  –  Refresh.

F6 or Ctrl + L  –  Highlights and focuses the address bar (omnibox).

F11  –  Switch between Full screen mode and Normal mode.


While you are on some tab and you want to open a new tab with some URL, you can directly type tat address on the same page and hit Alt + Enter instead of simple Enter and that link will be opened in a new tab without changing the current tab content.

I have picked the best. However, you can find all the shortcuts here.

Kirtan Thakkar

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