Get things done faster with Chrome Shortcuts

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Here are some most useful shortcuts for chrome to get things done faster.

Tab Switching

Ctrl --- 1  through Ctrl + 8  –  Go to First Tab, second tab and so on. Ctrl + 9 for last tab.

Ctrl --- Tab  –  Switch to the next tab.

Ctrl --- Shift + Tab  –  Go to previous tab. (Previous here means tab to the left of the current tab)

Open-Close Tabs

Ctrl --- T  –  Opens a new tab in the current window.

Ctrl --- Shift + T  –  Opens recently closed tab. Chrome can remember up-to 10 closed tabs.

Ctrl --- W  –  Closes the current tab.

Opening links

Ctrl --- Click  –  Opens link in a new tab in background.

Ctrl --- Shift + Click  –  Opens link in a new tab and switch to it.

Shift --- Click  –  Opens link in a new window.


Ctrl --- D  –  Bookmark the current tab.

Ctrl --- Shift + D  –  Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a new folder.


Alt ---   –  Go back in the history (Same as back button).

Alt ---   –  Go foward in the history.

Function Keys

F1  –  Opens Chrome Help online.

F3 or Ctrl --- F  –  Find in current page.

F5  –  Refresh.

F6 or Ctrl --- L  –  Highlights and focuses the address bar (omnibox).

F11  –  Switch between Full screen mode and Normal mode.


While you are on some tab and you want to open a new tab with some URL, you can directly type tat address on the same page and hit Alt --- Enter instead of simple Enter and that link will be opened in a new tab without changing the current tab content.

I have picked the best. However, you can find all the shortcuts here.