Life is all about Learning

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Life is a continuous learning process. Life is all about learning and discovering new things.  Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from college. That is just the beginning. We learn in every experience that had happened in our life. We learn from our bad experiences as well as good experiences. It should never stop. Let’s discover it.

Why is learning important?

Learning is important because, It shapes you as a person. It fills you with knowledge. It boosts your confidence. It gives you happiness. When you keep learning and knowing things, it makes you richer by thoughts.

Everyone has complaints about their past, a mistake you had made. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Important is, that you should learn from your mistakes.

Willingness to learn


You might have heard people telling how a small kid (who don’t even know what a smartphone is) is operating smartphone so well. He/she knows how to take picture or how to play games. You might have seen that in your home as well. Children have taught parents how to operate smartphone. Parents are always amazed how quickly their children learn new features and how quickly they operate.

When you give them the phone, they keep touching here and there until they find something good, like opening a game or finding photos and videos they can dance on. The reason why children learn so quickly is their willingness to learn. This is very important. As we grow up our willingness to learn should not decrease. It is important to keep that willingness throughout the life. If you think you can not do it as you are old or not so young, then you are totally wrong. There are plenty of material available online to get you started. Each and every service has their knowledge base which can teach you what they have to offer and how can you learn and utilize it. You can read it yourself and learn it. You can take help in case you do not understand. But remember,

When you do not have willingness to learn, no one can teach you.

Keep Reading


The other thing which improves your learning is your reading habit. Create your interest in reading. The more you read the more things you will know. Find your areas of interests and find the books or other online medium where you can find related content. And just get started. Make it a habit.

There are tons of benefits of reading. It improves your knowledge. As you read it, you fill your mind with new bit of information. It improves your focus and concentration. It helps you to reduces tension and stress.

Challenge yourself

For anything you think which you have not did it till now, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Challenge yourself, why you can’t do it. You can do it. Try to get out of your comfort zone.

When you were born you didn’t know anything. You learned everything after you born. Even walking and talking. Believe in yourself. No one is born knowing anything. They learn it here. And that is what you can also do. You can find tons of content on Internet for what you want to do. Go and find it for the beginner level and Let’s get started.


Let’s summarize things up. It’s always important that you keep learning and never give up. That is how you will be grown from a seed to a big tree. If you stop giving water and compost to it, it stops growing. Don’t let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing.

At last, remember this quote:

Life ends when you stop learning.