Loving the change 🥳

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Normally, everyone around us is uncomfortable with the changes whether it be a change of weather or change in a beloved person or anything.

We grew up to hate changes, avoid them and get uncomfortable with them.

Change in weather makes us feel sick, a slight change in our beloved person makes us go awful, change in our routine makes us uncomfortable. And that's how we see changes.

Let's see the new face of changes. Let changes take us to that silver lining of the cloud. New phone? New motorcycle? New car? New watch? Or shift from motorcycle to car?

Always new things bring the fun, add saltier taste to life. Obviously, We miss oldies but but but that change does lead us to taste new joys and adventures of life. And then comes a phase where you never wish to go to that old days. Because your patience leads you to love the change of life. New friends never give us the comfort of our old best friend but that new friend slowly and steadily reaches to the highest level of our heart. And that's what life is about. Exploring new people, gadgets, going to different never taken roads. I love my new phone or car or friend or new house which is all different from oldies and this is how I would love to explore and try new places and people and lifestyles and new circles of life.

From hating the changes, I grew to love the excitement which comes with them. Change. Be you.

Be the different you, be the better YOU!

Written by my sister Aneri Thakkar