Memories - Just in Photos

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Memories is what all of us wants to keep in form of photos and videos. Most of you will have a huge collection of your photos. That is how we keep our memories so that we can always come back to see how beautiful that time was.


In the recent times, the way we used to collect those memories have changed a lot. When there were cameras with the film roll, we can take almost 30 photos with one roll. So in a trip of a day or 2 we mostly use a single roll. With the evolution of technology, digital cameras have came. As they came with the memory cards which can store much larger and significantly high amount of photos as compared to old camera roll, the number of photos we take has increased a lot. Now, this digital cameras are replaced by the smartphone as the same quality and memory is there in your phone so you don’t need to carry your camera all the time. It makes easy for us to take pictures on the go. It was even made easy with the tons of online backup services which stores your photos on the cloud for free or at very nominal charge. So you never run out of memory and you can click as many photos as you want. That’s really so good.

But, we have made it so wrong. I will give you an example. Most of you will relate yourself in this situation I’m going to give. When you go out on a trip or on a hangout with your friends what happens is most of you will have a decent camera on your smartphone. You all will start taking photos. Some will take selfies, some will take tons of photos for their DP(Display Picture/Profile Picture) , where some will take photos of the place you are at. Either all of you or most of you will forget to enjoy the place you are at. You are here to enjoy the place, to fill the beautiful weather. It is not supposed to just take the photograph of the place and check it later how beautiful it was rather than feeling at the very exact moment.

I have also experienced it many a time. Actually most of the times. Of course, you should take photos for sure. But not at the cost of being in that moment at that time. That just spoils the fun we should actually have.

The question arises, why not? Because everyone is doing exactly that. The reason we take pictures is to capture that beautiful moment forever. But we are missing that actual moment.


On your vacation you must have taken a photograph of a sunset. It looks beautiful. This is what you might have said after taking a photograph. When it is about to happen, you are looking at the screen of your phone, not at the actual sunset. You took one photo. No, that was not a perfect shot. You checked the settings, added a filter. Took another. Took one more. Okay, you got the perfect shot. And the sunset is also over. Yes, you took the beautiful photo of the sunset and missed the actual sunset. The actual moment where it is even more beautiful. You missed that.  Considering selfie, you have even missed it more. Because you are not even looking at the actual sunset.

So, Be in the moment. Take Photos. But, don’t forget to enjoy. Life is beautiful. Feel it, and capture it. Don’t let your memories just in photos.