Privacy : A big problem or No problem

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Now-a-days , all internet users are taking care of their privacy of their profiles and their photos and all sensitive information, data of their. But sometimes I think is it a big issue? May be yes or may be not. Today Facebook and now Google Plus also are our most important things to do in our life. We do most of the things on this social networking websites. Most of the time chatting with friends on Facebook. Even sometimes with a stranger. Chatting about our life to a stranger. Is it worthy? Is it good? Of, course not for most of us. But some people don’t mind in doing that. The new friends they call, may be internet friends is a good word for that.

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Going back to the main topic, We share our photos with our friends. With all friends listed in our Facebook profile. Some will have 50 and some will have 500. It isn’t a issue. They will see your albums. They will like it and comment on your photos. The more comments we will have we will feel good. That is why we share all photos with everyone. If you don’t mind sharing those photos with everyone , it is just fine. But when you have to take care of it is when there are some of friends to whom you don’t know personally and may they misuse your photos. If you have the kind of mentality to add anyone in your profile. Even to whom you just met once and may be you are not going to meet that person in your life again, why to add them?? And share your daily photos with them. And If you have the friends to whom you know personally and are very good friends then from my point of view you can share your photos with all of your friends. But if you add friends just to increase the no of friends in your profile than I would not recommend to share with all. Just make two lists. One for the little strangers to whom you didn’t met or met only once or twice and not going to met again possibly.

Now you are a decider, to whom you share and to whom you don’t share all the information. And sharing your photos with friends is fine. In fact good. If they are not going to misuse them and when you have genuine friends in your profile. Not just anyone of whom you liked their profile pic. Then sharing is very good. Decision is in your hand. How and what to share with whom.