Quick Search Apps in Google Now Launcher

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

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If you are a heavy user and like to keep installed too many apps, it sometime gets difficult to find that app you want to launch in app drawer. Google Now recently introduced search for apps. But if you want that even faster you can do this with the below trick. This feature is built-in in Google Now itself but less popular and chances are high that you might not know.

How to:

Normally, you will click on the app drawer icon and click on the search apps on the top to open the keyboard and start searching. But you can do this quickly by a single tap.

Simply long tap on to the app drawer icon (The white circle with the 6 dots in the bottom-center). It will open the app drawer and launch the keyboard automatically to search.


Note:  I have slowed this video little bit for better understanding. You need to long tap on app drawer icon. You can see a white little dot when I tap on app drawer icon and it will hide when I releases.

It can surely save your time if you are a heavy user. Try this out on the latest version of Google Now Launcher!