Technology helped us to save our time. Ohh, Really?

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

In today’s time everything is about technology, technology and technology. You come to hear that this is the innovation that will change our life. A lot of news we are listening is about that. Some years ago there was one name which was there to change our life and that name is, Smartphone.


Smartphone has entered in our life in a little dramatic way (I will explain that a little later). With the power of a desktop computer, that small device came to our small hand with the great power and expectation. We are now able to do the stuff so fast and quick with the smartphone which was not even believable to do by a normal human being. With on the go flight booking to movie ticket booking, market updates, emails, chat, photos, recharge, bill payments, videos, documents, fitness tracking.. The list is out of the scope of the blog!

So there are so many services to help us live our life easy, so that we can save our time and focus on our work. The one of the services that we use to stay connected to other people is called social networking on a broader terms. This helps us to get connected to the people in our life. We are spending so much time in this social networking sites that sometimes we forget that social networking is not just on the internet, in the real world too. We are so busy being connected to the people far away from us and who even don’t care that we got disconnected from the people which are nearer.

We spend so much time on chatting on our day to day life. Most of the time the conversation doesn’t even make sense. We just do it as a timepass. I have seen lots of time, you talk(chat) to a person hours a day. You have so many things to talk about on phone (Even though nothing is important). But when you actually meet face to face, you have nothing to talk about. A conversation is not even getting started.

I must say, you must have experienced this at some point. A room of 4 or more people (the actual word here would be friends) sitting next to each other in a silent mode, with each one having a smartphone in hand chatting or checking some social networking site. I know you were also one of them at that day.

Take some time out of the phone and think about it. At last, one great line I read somewhere:

It was invented to save our time, but exactly the opposite has happened.

The perfect line I must say!