Tiny habit to make your album management easier

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

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Nowadays we all have a smartphone with a descent camera. We are addicted to take photos on the go. They are countless. We are used to take thousands of photos in a day or two day trip. And that makes management worst. Uploading, sharing and backing up those large quantity photos makes the process harder. A little change in the way we take photos can make this a lot easier.


When we take photos we most of the time used to take bunch of photos for a single occasion. We click simultaneously more than 2 or 3 for a perfect shot. We think we will select the best and delete the rest. But most of the time we don’t have that much time to select those best shots from thousands of photos. So, how can we achieve this?

Solution: The one option is that just stop clicking those bunch of photos every time you click a photo. Just click a photo, check that, if not good click another. That can almost reduce your almost identical photos by half.

But if you are just used to take those bunch of photos and can not stop your self from taking bunch of photos every time you take a single photo , another solution is you just take those photos. Select your right shot just after taking it and delete the rest right away. The important is that you do at that moment only. Else most of the time you will forget to delete the not-so-best shots.

This will also improve your viewing experience as there will so many less looking duplicates in your library. Most importantly, It will improve the quality of your photos and not the quantity.

Any other solutions? Share those in the comments.

Have a great time with your photos ! 🙂