What happens when your internet connection is down?

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

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In a time where Internet has became one of the necessity to survive for a human being, you just can’t afford to get disconnected. Let’s say this in a better way, you just can’t get disconnected even if you can afford to get disconnected. Because, it has become a part of our day to day life. From the morning’s bed time news to late night chats you are on the Internet all the time.

Network Connection Being in a place or country where internet is not so reliable sometimes makes it difficult for the people like me to survive (I literally mean it) without internet. When you are working from home and you find that line in the center of the screen “Unable to Connect”. That’s scary. It makes things worse when you don’t have a data plan. When you are consuming very high amount of bandwidth in a single day, the data charges of a mobile operators might gives you a heart attack!

So, what is the first thing you do when you see that screen? Call you ISP! To know the problem and what is the time-frame to get the problem sort out, so that you can be back on the Internet. But sometimes, the call didn’t just work out when you get some usual bla-bla from your ISP. One of very interesting conversation happened when I tried to contact my ISP:

03:06 AM – Page Cannot be displayed
03:07 AM – Refresh.
03:08 AM – Restart Modem/Router, Check cables etc.
03:10 AM – Confirmed. No problem from my side. Need to contact ISP.
03:11 AM – Calling my ISP helpline. Number is saved in phone book as it is needed in emergencies like this.
03:12 AM – Its ringing.

ISP: Welcome to ….. (Boring IVR starts) ..
Me : Press 1, Press 2, Press 5. Its ringing..
ISP: Hello sir, How may I assist you?
Me : My Internet connection is not working.
ISP: Okay sir. I will help you with that. Can you please check and tell me what lights are there in your modem.
Me : (I know that better than you. Everything is fine on my side) There is no WAN orange light blinking. So Can you please check and confirm is there any issue in this area or something.
ISP: Yes, sure sir. Can I put your call on hold while I check?
Me : Sure. (You tell this everytime. Just put the call on hold and check)

~Irritating Music for 2-3 minutes~

03:18 AM

ISP:  Sorry to put your call on hold for so long. There doesn’t seems any issue on our side. So can you please.. (And it starts the usual bla-bla check this and that which I already did)  Check the cable of the WAN port. Turn the router off. Remove the cable. And plug it again. Keep the modem off for 2 minuter. Now start it again… Allow the modem 1 minute to start. (I wish I could have popcorn in my hands while this finishes). So can you see the WAN port light blinking?
Me : NO!
ISP: Okay sir, so let me take an complain for this. From when you are facing this issue?
Me: From 3 AM (It was 3:06 AM to be precise!)
ISP: Okay, sir. Please allow me some time to generate a complain.
Me : (I am allowing it already! Just do it soon!) O.K. !

~ Irritating Music for 1 more minutes ~

ISP: I have taken the complain and your complain number is 123456. The issue will be resolved in the next 24 hours.
Me : (24 hours! OMG! What will I do ) O.K.
ISP: Is there anything else may I assist?
Me : No thank you.
ISP: Thank you for calling. Have a good time.
Me : (Good time? Without Internet for 24 hours? ) Thank you.

This is what happens almost every time with me. But you can’t even switch ISP as there is no one better than your current ISP.

So, what are the things you can do when your Internet connection is down?

  1. The best thing, go out and play some outdoor games. (If you can find some other friends you can play with)
  2. Open File Explorer and find some old junk files and clean it up to get some free space on your PC/Laptop.
  3. Organize your files in a proper folder structure if you are just too lazy to do it everyday. This might help you to find things faster.
  4. Find those folders of your Photos and videos which you have not organized. Album Management can be sometimes difficult if you do not regularly maintain.
  5. If you can’t stay without internet, call your relative/friend who is having a good broadband connection and tell them you are coming. (Don’t forget to bring your laptop)
  6. You can also take time to organize your wardrobe or your files.
  7. Last, Just go to sleep!

Sometimes, it is difficult to pass the time without Internet. I think you might also have experienced something similar to this. Just try out this thing and hope it will be back soon! 😉

What other things you do when your internet connection is not working?