What makes you techie?

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

According to Google, techie means: 

A person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing. 

There are chances that you are reading this because you think you are techie or someone you know is techie.

Let me explain some of the signs of a techie person.

Obsessed with technology

Obsessed with Technology

You are always with your smartphone. You just can’t take your face out of your phone. You just keep checking your phone for no reason. Even if you know there is nothing new, you just turn your phones screen on, unlock it, swipe here and there for no reason and turn it off. You just keep repeating it for no reason.

Keep reading tech news

Obsessed with Technology You just keep reading about tech news, new phones, processors, devices, IoT (Internet of Things). You are always ken to know about the new things developed. It makes you thrilled just by reading of a possibility with the new device or service may offer.

Answer to How are you?

Broken Mobile People ask whenever they meet, How are you? You heard most people saying I’m fine, thank you. But a techie person’s answer may be different. He/she may answer “Not good, I just broke my phone”, “Bad! Internet is down from the last 2 days”, “I don’t know but my laptop’s charging cord is not working properly!”, “My phone is going into a boot loop for no reason” etc. To be honest, I have said all this myself. And other person’s reaction is just like “Ohh, Shut up!”

People come to you when they want to buy a new gadget

Video Game Gadgets People often ask you about the best laptop or a smartphone to you when they want to buy a new one. Even if you don’t know about the specific requirement and you can just quick Google search and came up with the results in a few minutes.

You goes into the technical details ALWAYS

Motherboard When most of the people react to the reviews like, “Yes, the phone is too good. Its fast and no lags or crashes”. Your answers are a way different. You answers like, “Its benchmark is quite low”, “Processor is outdated”,  “It has only 1 GB RAM”, “It has a 64-bit processor”. And reactions to your answers are “Okay. Period”.

Your device keep getting problems every few days

Device Problem You just can’t stick to the defaults. You keep adding and trying new things to your device. These experiments gets you in trouble every now and then. But, you think it is normal. And this how it should be. Else you get bored. I got complaints many times that my phone was not reachable. And my answer is “I was flashing a new firmware at that time”. The reactions I got after my answers are horrible.

You are blamed when a device you just operated gets into some trouble

Blame It may happen to every techie that, whenever he/she operate a shared or someone’s device and that device gets into a trouble. And you are always blamed for that. Even though you haven’t done anything (Except changing a system file. Ohh, come on. That’s normal).