Yes, ring that bell: A true friendship

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

Life is all about learning

Friendship day - a day to celebrate friendship. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. It is celebrated all over the world. Exchange of Friendship Day gifts is a popular tradition of this occasion. Something happened on that day, which really touched my heart.

On that day, Sarwigya Jain - A friend of mine, sent me a post written by her. I took a keen interest as it was written by her and not one of the forwarded message people send even without reading. It was really heart touching. Here is the enclosing post she sent me:

Friendship, a rainbow, a spirit, joy of living and every possible laugh shared. The journey from school friend till the Facebook friend; life is possibly surrounded each day, each hour by one or other friend. When I have first taken up the subject I thought what should I write about the subject which is so common in our day to day life that we hardly pay any attention to it. Plus, this is the topic on which I can write an entire book and yet I think, it will remain unexplained. So here is a small fable which I think we all knew since our childhood, but in this high-tech era, somehow, I feel we again need to focus upon.

One day a lion was sleeping in his den. A mouse was also playing nearby. By chance, the mouse ran over the lion. This made the lion wake up. The lion caught the mouse. He was ready to kill it.

‘Please do not kill me,’ said the mouse. ‘I am a tiny creature. Please save me.’

The lion felt pity for the mouse. He smiled and let the mouse go.

A few days after the lion found himself caught in a hunter’s net. He roared and rolled to get out of the net. But he failed.

The mouse heard the roar. It at once ran to the lion and said, ‘Please don’t roar. I’ll on set you free.’It cut through the net and set the lion free.

Now, this is the story might look ridiculous at this stage of life. We even know the moral. We even have the ads featuring “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai” (every friend is important), but do we really care for those friends of ours who don’t demand a single thing. They are also not our best friends, not available every time for us, but still, do care for us. Do we even realize why they are so away from us? Just because they are not active on Facebook, not liking our pictures and updates, are they less important? Just because they don’t connect often, do you think they don’t miss you? I hope the answers are ‘No’. So, what you are waiting for? Take up your phone and give a ring to them. Because fables are no more part of our syllabus…..

Stay friends. Stay cherished.

Give it a thought! And ring that bell..

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash