How Photos have changed over the years

Kirtan Thakkar

Kirtan Thakkar

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Photos have become really important part of our life. We take lots of photos daily. Our photos library has become significantly large. We take lots of efforts to manage and backup our photos these days. And there are many solutions came to help us manage our photos easier way. One of the best solution till date I found was Google Photos.

Google Photos reduces the pain of finding a bunch of photos with simple texts as it tags your photos with the objects inside them with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It saves our time in infinite scrolling through the infinite photos we have.

Recently, Google Photos published a video which shows how photos have changed over the years. From our grand-parents to our parents to us. It really sums everything changed in transition. From the times of our grandparents to our habits of taking 36 identical photos of a sunset. Here is the video:

It says: Our great-grandfather was a great man, Achieved many great things and took two pictures in his life. Army and wedding. And we took 36 photos of a sunset we thought looks pretty. That shows the transition. From the 2 photos of an entire life to 36 photos of one moment. Adding up those photos in total you took in your life will end up in significantly large number.

One other thing it talks about is saving your photos. Your grandparents have total 2 photos to save. Your parent has a physical album which has all the photos. And you might have 20,000 photos not being backed up anywhere in your phone. Makes it more risky if you ever break your phone or lost the phone in cab. We now have services that backs up our photos in cloud as soon as they are taken or as soon as you connect to WiFi to save data charges.

And, at last it talks about finding your photos. When our grandparents wants to show someone a photo of their wedding, they will simply pull one from their 2-photo collection. Your parents may pick up an album of their wedding from total of a dozen-or-so physical albums. But, when you want to show your friends an album of your wedding or your friend's wedding, you might end up scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through your hundreds and thousands of photos and then you found out that you have transferred those in your laptop and your laptop is not with you at the moment. Yeah, that happens.

This video talks about every aspects of how taking, sharing and saving photos have changed over the years. With 2 photos in life to 36 photos of a single moment.

But, do you get the time to watch that many photos? Make sure your memories just don't end up in your photos. Think about it!